Monday, October 20, 2008


1. I had my first throw up on Friday. Yea for a milestone, I guess...

2. We visited a day care on Friday. We loved it. It's an intergenerational center, so they do both adult and child care, and the adults and children interact. It's close to our home. But it costs a lot. I think it's pretty typical - $80 per day - but that's a lot of money 5 days a week all year. Oh well... We spent the $165 to get on their wait list. K is touring a place by her work soon.

3. The first midwife appointment was on Friday. K took pictures. Midwife said everything looked good. We're going back on Nov 11.

4. My belly is hard. All of the flabby fat is now a hard protective layer. It's very interesting. I ordered a belly band from Amazon today because my pants don't fit anymore. Even though I haven't gained any weight (I've actually lost 3 pounds), my shape is different, and now harder, and my pants don't fit and I'm tired of walking around with unbuttoned pants that are falling off of me. Today I'm wearing K's skirt, which fits nicely except that it's long. It's hard to be this short.

5. We went hiking yesterday. The easy trail at Cunningham Falls State Park. It was beautiful with the fall leaves. It was fun. I came home exhausted. I can't wait for the energy that is promised with the second trimester.

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