Friday, October 10, 2008


All I want is pizza. Ever since I got pregnant - pizza. When I was sick, I would think about pizza and know I couldn't have it because it would make me sick, but I still wanted it. Since Wed I've been feeling better and have had pizza for lunch every day. Today I couldn't wait and ate my leftover pizza early. I'm still hungry and all I want is more pizza. Last night we ate our favorite food - Burmese from Mandalay - but what I really was thinking about was going to Ledo's pizza.

It's really strange. Pizza is not the healthiest thing to eat. I need to resist the urge. But when I think about what to eat, everything seems ho-hum except pizza.

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j.k-c. said...

Oh, it's also not the worst thing you could be get some dairy and some tomato...and maybe some veggies? I say go for it.