Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Last night

We went to our midwife group orientation session last night. Friday is our first midwife appointment. I liked the midwife we met, and I liked the ideas she presented. They really believe in nature and your body, but they also believe in safety first. They deliver in a hospital, so you have access to whatever medical interventions are necessary, but you are free to roam about the room and can deliver in whatever position you want. It's the best of both worlds.

Before the appointment we went to dinner at Hard Times Cafe (mmm, chili...). I got there before K, so I went into the baby store next door and found a book I had to buy for K. It's called Urban Babies Wear Black. K is always saying she wants our baby to wear black. Inside it has fun phrases like "Urban Babies do yoga, urban babies appreciate architecture, urban babies take taxis after a long day". The art is adorable. We want to have an urban baby!
Last night I had my first baby dream. I'm sure there will be more to come. We brought home our little girl from the hospital. She was wearing a black dress with flowers. She slept the whole time. We just put her down and watched her sleep. Lots of friends stopped by and our home was full of people. Then we got a delivery - someone sent us chocolate chip cookies. It was a nice dream.


N said...

Mmm, Hard Times. We had that for dinner last night, too.

I'm glad that the orientation session went so well. :)

j.k-c. said...

I've seen that cute. There is also one for rural babies too.
And that dream sounds wonderful!

Ms. Waters said...

That is gonna be one cool baby...I'm picking out the matching purse right now...