Friday, October 3, 2008


We saw our little baby for the first time on Wednesday. We've decided to call her/him Precious Poo for now. Precious Poo is a little white circle with a heartbeat. The due date is May 16. She said we were 6 weeks and 4 days along. It's much more real now that I've seen that there really is something in there. Nausea, large, tender breasts, extreme tired - this wasn't enough. Seeing the little one in there made it real.

It was our last appointment with our RE. She asked who our OB is. Um, we don't have one yet. She seemed pretty shocked. We promised to get one soon. This Sunday we will see a friend who's baby was born last Nov using a midwife. After talking to her, we will definitely make an appointment with someone on Monday.

The queasiness has really taken hold of me, starting Wed night. Yesterday I left work at 1pm just to go home and lay down and not move at all and try to calm my tummy. So much crappy daytime TV! Today I actually feel much better. So far I've been able to eat some dry cornflakes and a piece of toast. When I feel more adventorous, I'm going to try a banana. How brave!

I have the best wife ever. She's been so good to me, and working so hard to keep our home together, and keep me feeling as good as possible. Yesterday I kept telling her I loved her and crying and saying "I mean it, I really love you." And she'd say "I know, you've told me that many times tonight. Now try not to cry, it makes your tummy hurt."

Tomorrow K has to volunteer all day. We are dogsitting a greyhound. The greyhound, our pug, and I plan to lay around all day. I wonder if we can all fit on the futon?


nutella said...

Yay heartbeat!! Hope you feel better today, and that you get some good animal snuggles.

jessie said...


that's interesting about the due date. from what i know i'm 7w4d today and my due is may 19th! wonder if the midwife will tell me something else.

j.k-c. said...

Yay for the heartbeat! Once you see the heartbeat, you chances of miscarriage go down. Little sigh of relief.
Great wives are precious and should NEVER be taken for granted. S has also had to listen to me drivel how much I love her and how grateful I am. I guess it could be worse we could be driveling b*tchy things, right?
Glad the sonogram went so well...we had a sono yesterday too!

Gia said...

thats awesome~~~
we have the same due date!