Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Workings of a 4-year-old mind

We went to dinner at an Indian restaurant, a first for these kids. R, my nephew, E, his dad, and I had this conversation:

R: What is Indian food?

E: It's food that people that Indian people eat.

R: What are Indian people?

E: People who live in India.

R: Am I Indian?

E: No because you live in Tampa.

R: How did you meet people from India?

Me: Aunt K's family is from India.

R (holding his chicken appetizer): Is this what Indian people eat?

Me: Some Indian people eat that.

R: Why only some Indian people?

Me: Well, some Indian people eat meat and some don't.

R: Why only some Indian people eat meat?

Me: Because of their religion, some Indian people eat meat and some don't.

R (looking to K): Do you eat meat?

K: No

Two days later while riding on an elevator:

R: Do Indian people eat meat?

Me: Some do, some don't.

R: But I eat meat because I'm from Tampa.

On Sunday he ate a strawberry for breakfast. Then he complained that he had a headache and then he threw up. Then he slept for hours. We think he was sick with a virus. Later that day we had this conversation with his mom J:

R: I think I'm allergic to strawberries.

J: No baby, I think you had a virus.

R: How did I get a virus?

Me: You get them from other people. Say someone who is sick with a virus touches this table. Then you touch this table and stick your hands in your mouth. Then you have the virus too.

R: So someone who ate strawberries touched this table?


Melissa said...

So cute. I love when kids say things that sound so logical to them :)

j.k-c. said...

Love it!! So funny!