Monday, April 28, 2008

Visting the baby

We visited AW&CW and the baby on Friday night, along with our friends KA&CC. Baby K was just 8 days old. It's an interesting dynamic because KA doesn't want to have kids and doesn't really like them, but CC does want to have kids. He just lights up when he's around babies. On the car ride over, KA said that she doesn't see the interesting thing about babies so young - they just scream all of the time. So we were all amazed when KA offered to hold baby K. We were all like 'are you sure?' and CC said 'get used to that feeling'.

K and I both enjoyed holding baby K, with his little fingers and toes and ears and eyes. Everything is so little and cute and tiny. We told him that we want to be his favorites, and we'll give him all of the ice cream and pizza he ever wants.

I was amazed at how many times CW fed baby K. We were only there for like 3 hours, and he ate at least 5 times. I guess they are still working on their schedule. I asked AW if she's used to the fact that she's a mom yet, and she said no, she feels like she's just got him for a short time and then someone's going to come and take him back. They are lucky because CW is able to take off 3 months and AW is home for 3 weeks, but since she is a teacher, she will only be at work for one more month and then she will be home for the summer. Sometimes I wonder why I'm not a teacher, but then I remember that I really hate teaching.

We had a great time with the little one and can't wait to see him again, but sadly I don't think we will until after we get back from our trip. He'll be so old by then!

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