Friday, April 25, 2008

I'm getting old!

Last night when we were lying in bed, just about to drift off to sleep, K said, in a very soft voice, "We really need to maximize our lives before we turn 30. It's all downhill from there." And I said, softly, "Yeah, and I've only got about 6 months left." K jumps, and says, animatedly, "You're turning 30 in 6 months? I knew that but I forgot! We need to get you pregnant. Oh, now I'm so nervous." Then we were wide awake and I had talk calmly to her for a few minutes before she could drift off to sleep.

I'm constantly reminding her that we are still young. Many women get pregnant with frozen sperm in their mid-30s. Hopefully, though, I will get pregnant before I turn 30 just because I don't want to wait that long.


timaree said...

As someone who is solidly in her thirties (I'm 32), I can, in fact tell you that you're in for a huge treat when you reach your thirties. I felt so weird about turning 30, and so did my wife, but we've found that our thirties are our greatest years yet. There's less focus on finding who you are and more on being happy with who you've become.

And there's plenty of time yet to have a baby. Plenty. From what we're hearing now, 35 is the turning point for fertility matters, and even then, hoards of women are getting pregnant.

So take it from me, the old wise woman ;), the good stuff's just starting.

j.k-c. said...

30's are WAY better than 20's....I love my thirties! I just feel so much more comfortable with myself and my life feels so much more connected.
Don't give up hope, 30 is great!

queerstork said...

Yes! Do not believe that crap about "it's all downhill once you hit 30". It's quite the opposite. Life in your thirties is divine! I'm so glad my twenties are behind me.