Monday, February 2, 2009

Weekend roundup

We spent all day Saturday picking up baby stuff from friends and we got quite a haul. It's so great to be able to reuse this stuff. Babies use them for such short amounts of time. We went to three houses and got 2 cribs with mattresses, a swing, a bassinet, a bouncy seat, towels, diaper bags, a potty, burp cloths, a first aid kit, wash cloths, snow boots, and more. When we got home, we saw an email from a friend offering us a car seat and snap n go stroller frame, both only used for one child for about 9 months. People are so generous.

We went to our pregnancy support group yesterday and met a new couple. The live 1.5 miles from us and we really liked them. We asked what they planned to do with their dog during labor and they suggested that we trade favors - they watch our dog and we watch theirs. We just met these people and they have already solved one of our biggest dilemmas! Hopefully this works out.

Last night we celebrated our annual Superbowl tradition by going to see a movie. It's awesome because the theatre is empty and quiet. We've been doing it for about 8 years, since grad school. This year we saw Milk, which is a great movie. And makes me think, what am I doing with my life? I was amazed that all of that was happening only 30 years ago, the year I was born. So much has changed in 30 years. I am thankful for Mr. Harvey Milk and the others who came before me.


Mamapod said...

Can you guys tell me about your pregnancy support group? Thanks!

Baby Mama said...

Yes, it's a group for lesbian pregnant couples in DC. If you live in DC, let me know and I'll send you the info on the group.