Monday, February 23, 2009

Nursing clothes

Yesterday while we were out and about shopping for shelving, we stopped into Walmart. We never go to Walmart for various reasons (there's a whole documentary about reasons not to shop at Walmart, plus it's 45 minutes away). But we got a hideous diaper bag as a present that we were sure came from Walmart, so we wanted to return it for something more useful - nursing bras.

My breasts keep getting bigger. Before getting pregnant I was a 36B. In the first trimester I bought three bras in 38C. A month or so ago these became too small. I've been wearing them but they look ridiculous and I wouldn't exactly call them supportive. So I decided to buy more bras - this time in 40D - but I thought I should buy nursing bras so that at least I would have some when needed and it wouldn't be a complete waste to buy new bras.

Well, I was lucky to find that Walmart had a big selection, and I'm now the proud owner of 4 nursing bras in size 40D! They are massive, but they really support my breasts. I'm wearing one right now. I just can't believe that my breasts are that size - the bra looks so big hanging on the back of the bathroom door!

But at Walmart we found something even more exciting - a nursing night gown. It's essentially a night gown with holes for the breasts, pleated so that the holes are mostly covered most of the time. It's a smart idea. Everyone in my family said I should get one - they said they lived in theirs for the first month after birth. I came back from FL looking for one.

I couldn't find the gowns at all at Target, but there they were next to the nursing bras at Walmart. It makes since because my family loves Walmart. Seriously, they LOVE it. It's hard to have a conversation with anyone in my family without them mentioning Walmart, and how Walmart has everything and how they love to just go up and down the aisles and get lost in the stores. If you ask my mom where she got something, she'll just smile and say "Walmart! Isn't it great? They have everything!"

So I guess it's true that Walmart's great and Walmart has everything. I should tell my mom... We still won't be shopping there because of that whole documentary thing and the long drive, but I'm glad we stopped in yesterday.

I wore my nightgown last night to watch TV because it fits. I have few that fit now. So now I'm wearing nursing bras and nursing night gowns and I'm ready to nurse! But that's still a few months away.

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