Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Bug juice

I had my glucose tolerance test this morning. I had to drink the orange drink and get my blood drawn. I've heard how horrible this orange drink was, but it wasn't the worst thing I'd ever drank. It actually tasted like that orange drink they used to serve at McDonald's when I was a kid in the 80's. It was at every school function in elementary school because McDonald's was always a sponsor. All of us kids hated the drink and we called it bug juice. I don't know why - it doesn't even make sense. I'm sure McDonald's doesn't make the drink anymore - it was gross. But drinking that as a kid prepared me to drink the glucose drink today. It was a familiar flavor. I was able to down it in the short amount of time required.

I noticed that when I feel a kick, my shirt moves. We haven't really seen the movement yet. We've been feeling it for a while, but not actually seeing it. Today I saw it. Hopefully K can see it tonight.

A woman at my work who always comments on my size, saying 'wow, you're really big' or 'you're growing fast' today asked 'How far along are you?' I replied 'about 6.5 months.' And she cocked her eyebrows and said 'So you're still growing more than that?' Um, yep, I'm going to get much bigger. Thanks for noticing! Let's keep your comment on my size down, huh?

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