Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Two baby showers

We had a wonderful weekend with our families in FL. On Saturday was the baby shower with my family followed by my niece's 2nd birthday party. It was nice to see people we hadn't seen for over a year and laugh and have fun together as a family. We got to meet two babies for the first time.

We spent Sunday at the baby shower with Karen's family - an all day affair in true Indian fashion. It ended with K and her teenage cousins playing rock band late into the night. We also hadn't seen them in over a year. Both parties were really nice and it was great to see our families one more time before the baby is born.

Our favorite presents: two handmade cross-stitched blankets (from my mom and a family friend), two handmade knit blankets (from my aunt), an I Love NY onesie and a Barf Vader t-shirt (both from my cousin-in-law), a black & white 'I'm a Rock Star!' blanket (from my cousin-in-law), an Indian outfit (from K's mom), a handmade night gown (from K's mom), a 'What happens at Grandma's house stays at Grandma's house' onesie (from K's mom), the mobile that I had on my crib as a baby 30 year ago that still plays music (from my mom), and the puppy dog stuffed animal that I made in middle school and gave to my mom years ago. We also have a baby frame with a big mat that everyone signed that will hang in the baby room. We also got tons of other very useful stuff. Thankfully, my mom took some of it to be shipped, but we still were able to fit a lot of stuff on the airplane with us. K is an excellent packer - it's one of her talents.

I was again reminded that traveling while pregnant is hard. For one thing, if my belly were any bigger, I wouldn't be able to put the tray table down on the airplane! For three nights I couldn't sleep. Without my body pillow, my body just aches. And it's so hot in FL (80 degrees in February), I just layed in bed without anything on, sweating, all night long. You can't even open the windows because K's parents haven't bothered taking down their hurricane shutters yet (which also makes it really dark in the bedroom). Then, at the end of the second party, when K and her cousins were playing Rock Band, I got really sick. I threw up all of my party food and more. It was late and we needed to drive one hour home and I threw up twice in the car. It was my worst vomiting episode yet. I think I only stopped throwing up because there was nothing left. This is definitely our last trip. From now on, we stay at home, sleep in our bed, and eat healthy food and wait for this baby to be born. As of yesterday, we were three months from our due date.

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