Monday, May 18, 2009

Shifting due date

When we first got pregnant, we were told by the RE that the due date was May 16. That's the one we've been counting on and telling everyone. That's the one that came and went on Saturday. We did everything we could on Saturday to encourage this baby to come, but it didn't. We walked, got pedicures, swung on the swing set in the park, at spicy food, ate tropical fruit. Our friend A was in town from NC visiting. She and L were there for conception and it would be awesome if they were both there for birth. But then she had to go home. I cried on Sunday. I really believed it would have happened by then. I've been thinking about about May 16 since the middle of September.

But somewhere along the way the midwives changed the due date to May 19. That's tomorrow. In the last month I've been telling everyone my due date was May 19 because I figured it would feel better to have a later date in case I was late. I was right. Being late doesn't feel good. But then I remind myself that I'm not late. I'm not due until tomorrow.

But then I talked to my mom yesterday. She said she was 5 days late with my sister, her first, and 1 day late with me. Five days from the new due date would be Sunday, May 23. I think I'm going to start considering May 23 my due date in my head so that I don't feel like I've missed something.

Tomorrow is our midwife appointment. We were hoping not to have to attend this one, but chances are we will. At our last appointment she said that at our next appointment we would discuss a plan for if this baby is late. Looks like we're going to need that plan.

K's mom is coming on May 27. That's 8 days past the due date. We really wanted her to come after the baby is born because she would drive both K and I crazy during delivery. She has a lot of opinions and a lot of advice, and we disagree with all of it. But now, 8 days late, that doesn't seem so unreasonable. She may be here for the birth and if she is, we really can't shut her out. She's grandma and she flew in from FL. I've got my fingers crossed that the baby comes before then.

She called on Saturday to check in and told me that she is sending vibes for us not to have this baby for at least another week. She thinks it needs to cook more. Get nice and large. It was already 6 lbs 9 oz three weeks ago. I think that the baby is plenty big. I said that I don't want to wait that long and I don't want to give birth to a large baby because it will just be hard and have complications. She said 'No, you'll just have an episiotomy and it will come right out.' Ugh, I would like to avoid an episiotomy please. I finally convinced her (I think) to send positive thoughts for a baby any day. This was just one crazy part of a crazy conversation with a crazy old lady.

Now I'm at work and everyone keeps stopping by to see if I'm still here. I am. And I'll likely be here all week. Please stop reminding me that it sucks, okay?


Gayby Rabies said...

I'll try to counteract the giant baby vibes and send some normal sized baby vibes your way!

Baby Mama said...

Thanks. It's appreciated!

Ali said...

Waiting with you... I always tell my patients this period is excercise in all the patience they will need later. First babies are 10days late... alot. I relaxing about 'when' helps... sometimes.

Anonymous said...

I think it's a great idea to change your "due date" to five days post EDD--that should help. I hope it happens soon! I'm sending you all kinds of "come any time now, baby" vibes. It won't be long, mama.

j.k-c. said...

Due dates are just guesses anyway...your baby will decide when to be born! :)
That said being overdue is NO FUN! I went 2 weeks past my due date and it was really hard. And I had a really BIG baby (9lbs 7oz) and I didn't have an episiotimy (our hospital doesn't perform them anymore).
Whatever happens your baby will come soon and you will both be healthy!
Thinking of you!!!!