Monday, May 4, 2009

The Happiest Baby on the Block

A & C loaned us this DVD and we finally got around to watching it on Sunday. It spells a a technique for calming your baby. It looked really amazingly helpful. We couldn't practice the techniques yet of course so I can't say definitely that it works, but the babies on the DVD seemed to calm down right away. We wrote a post-it note of the five steps so that we could remember them in the throws of a crying fit. The five S's:

1. Swaddle
2. Put them on their side
3. Shush loudly in their ear
4. Swing or jiggle them
5. Give them something to suck on

If it doesn't work, keep trying. Sounds good to me. I'll try anything to stop a crying baby. On Thursday we babysat for A&C for only about 2 hours, but K screamed for .5 an hour. We couldn't figure out how to make him stop. He's a year and much too old for this technique, so I still don't know what would have calmed him. But the experience was enough to remind me that a screaming baby can drive you mad very quickly.

Unrelated - while babysitting, we had to change his diaper. We removed a BumGenius and replaced it with a Fuzzi Buns. Fuzzi Buns was more confusing than the BumGenius and we weren't sure how to put it on. Turns out we put it on backwards. Between this and the screaming, we've got a lot to learn about babies!

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