Tuesday, May 12, 2009

One week

I am one week from my due date. I've answered that question a million times today, and a million times yesterday. Coworkers, friends, complete strangers. I'm thinking of getting a countdown sign and wearing it on my chest. Today it says 7, tomorrow 6, etc. Then I won't have to answer. Of course, I'll still get the follow-up questions - are you excited? are you nervous? are you uncomfortable? are you tired? are you ready? yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! Of course my favorite is from coworkers - oh, you're still here, I was wondering if you would be here today. I'm thinking - yes, I was wondering too, I wonder every day, but I'm still here, so let's work.

Dressing is getting harder and harder. Today I'm wearing an outfit I really don't like. It's not professional at all. I would never wear this to work, especially not on a Tuesday. A pink t-shirt, black capris, and black flip flops. But the pants fit, and few do, and the t-shirt covers my belly, which few do anymore, and is kind of thin, so I won't get too hot. And flip flops are all I'm wearing right now because of my swollen feet. So this is my outfit today. This is the first day I've had to just wear something, whatever, and not care. As I was getting dressed this morning, I thought, I'm 39 weeks pregnant - everyone will understand. I hope that's true.

I'm pretty much finished with my work. I have a report to work on that I really was hoping to push off until after maternity leave, but I think I may have to start on it now since I may be here for a few more weeks and can't just sit around and I seem to have finished all of my other tasks. But first I think I'll clean my office - put that work off for a little longer. And maybe I'll go into labor tonight and none of this will matter.


C.I.W. said...

holy moly. THIS IS EXCITING!!!!!
7 DAYS! I am going to count on my own- I wont ask :)

you should have been posting pics!!!

C.I.W. said...

oh- and I vote for the sign.. and absolutely add the " YES I am tired, YES I am nervous.." (etc) part!!!!