Friday, May 1, 2009

37 week midwife appointment

Our 37 week midwife appointment was Wednesday. Again we reviewed the plans if we go into labor - when to call, what to do. I've gained 21 pounds so far, and no weight gain since last week, so all is good. Measuring 37 cm just like I should.

I was complaining about a pain in my back for about week and a new pain in my abdomen, both on my left side. The midwife said this could be my kidney and wanted to check it out. So Thursday I had an ultrasound and today blood tests. The ultrasound on the kidney showed no issues and if the blood work comes back okay, then this is just one of those pregnancy things.

But the fun thing was that while we were there anyway, we got to do an OB sonogram as well, so we got to see the baby for the first time since the 20 week ultrasound. The baby is much bigger and more fully formed. I thought the images might be clearer than the first time but they really weren't. The tech said the baby was measuring 6 lbs 9 ozs. We agreed that this is plenty big so we don't want the baby to grow any larger. K has been telling the baby that 6.5 lbs is plenty big.

Today at the lab getting my blood drawn the tech told me that she gave birth 5 weeks ago. I said 'Five weeks? What are you doing here?' and she said she came back after 2 weeks! She said 'the economy is bad and we need the money'. I thought, 'wow, I'm a lucky person.'

So now our hospital bag is packed and I bring it to work with me every day. I just sent coworkers details on what to do if I go into labor at work. Tomorrow we get our car seat inspection. We are ready to have this baby - let's do it! My coworker said that Cinco de Mayo is a good day and that's Tuesday, so that works for me. K is shooting for Mother's Day, next Sunday. That's okay too. I could also do tomorrow. I don't need to wait around any longer.

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