Thursday, January 15, 2009


A gave us some awesome belated Christmas presents. For K, a Lesportsac on-the-go diaper bag, like a small one that only carries a few things. Lesportsac is one of K's favorite purse brands. (Of course, A is a mess and didn't actually give this to K because she can't find it. But there is a promise, so it will come eventually...) And she gave both of us The New Baby's Baby Journal, the awesome baby journal that we've been wanting. It's LGBT friendly, has great art, and has great events to celebrate. We can't wait to start filling it in.

  • K finally told her work. They are very excited. Her boss's first reaction was 'Can we take you shopping?' Of course! They've offered to help her with anything she needs in order to get her paid time off from HR (HR folks are always so hard-nosed). And they are planning a baby shower for her in April.

  • A & C gave us a bunch of baby clothes, a bumbo chair, a boppy, and some other stuff, with promises of more to come. They rock. K is excited about the bumbo chair.

  • We got our follow-up ultrasound today. The baby is healthy and growing. They wrote down the sex in the envelope this time. The tech was shocked that the other tech refused to do this for us.

  • I got more maternity clothes from a coworker yesterday - a huge box of mostly shirts. Many of them are very large and will be perfect for later in pregnancy. Now I am certainly set. I may not like what I'm wearing but at least I'll be dressed.

  • Our friend L was offered a DC job so he'll most likely be moving here in April. He's still negotiating the deal. Just in time. He's our child's godfather.

  • We spoke to our friend in Rochester last night. His wife has always been against having children. But she turned 30 a few weeks ago, and all of the sudden she wants kids and feels like the clock is ticking, so they plan to start in the next few months. He's shocked, amazed, and excited because he's been trying to convince her to have kids for years, and didn't expect her to change her mind so quickly. 30 does that to you! We're shocked and amazed and happy for them. We're seeing them next weekend to hear all about it.

  • Freecycle is awesome. Tonight I am picking up baby Halloween costumes. One is Eyore. K loves Eyore and does a great impression, so we're excited about this one. We have also picked up a manual breast pump (new), a car seat cover/warmer thing, a new pack of newborn 7th generation diapers, a baby gate, a diaper genie, and some other things. People who are too lazy to go to the thrift store with their unwanted items are my favorite people.

  • This weekend friends are bringing over a crib and "other random stuff they found in their garage". We haven't gotten rid of the furniture in the second bedroom yet. Where will this stuff go? It's official - we are gearing up for baby. Soon we won't be able to recognize our old TV room.

  • My sister is a bitch. When I think about why I want to be a grounded, urban, working mom, I think of her and her craziness. She will throw us a baby shower and it will be on her terms only. I am inconsiderate and uncaring and selfish for expecting anything else (like to create my own guest list). And to quote her, "I'm through with the drama. I thought we could be friends when you had children but it's not true."

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