Monday, January 5, 2009

Our weekend

I worked on Friday at a very quiet office where most people had decided to take a long weekend. We went to Ikea Friday night to look for kitchen shelving and found something we both really like. More storage! We're thinking of having some friends over in February to have a big work day to install various shelves and things. It's nothing hard but they volunteered to help.

Saturday we left for a short getaway to Harpers Ferry, WV. One night in a rustic cabin - heat and electricity and a bed and that's it. We spent Saturday hiking around Harpers Ferry National Park, dinner at a small Italian restaurant (we've decided that only Italian food is reliably good in small towns, and it's usually really good), and then the evening in our cabin watching movies, playing cards, and reading. On Sunday more hiking and then back home. It was a small and simple trip (and really cheap) but enough to make us feel like we got away. We are savoring these times together now - everything we do feels like it's the last time we'll be doing it before the baby arrives.

At home we put away our Christmas items (goodbye Edgar the Christmas tree) and then assessed our storage situation. We still need more room, but we've made some major progress. We'll get rid of a few more things, install some more shelves, and do some rearranging, and hopefully this will be enough. We live in this small condo. It's a tight fit but we'll make it work.

After dinner I got really tired and sat down for the rest of the evening. We had a big weekend, and I'm in my second trimester and feeling amazing, but every now and then I still need some rest.

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