Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My dad

My dad called excitedly at around 12:30 yesterday asking "so are you there?" Sadly, I was at work. K took the day off because she has 'use it or lose it' vacation time to burn but I'm saving my vacation time for maternity leave. If I wasn't pregnant, I would totally have been downtown, part of the masses, witnessing history. I feel like saying you attended Obama's Inauguration is akin to saying you marched with MLK. If you can be a part of it, you shouldn't miss it because it won't ever happen again. But I missed it. My dad couldn't believe I had to work - he thought we should all be there if we can.

Then he switched topics and asked why we weren't finding out the sex of the baby. I said "because it's fun to keep it a surprise" and he said "but it makes it difficult for those of us that want to buy you things." I told him there are plenty of purple, green, yellow things out there, so feel free to buy away. I said that we wanted the 'It's a girl! It's a boy!' surprise experience. I said "It's fun, come on, it's fun." And, resigned, he said, 'yeah, I guess so.' Then he said "We didn't know when we had you - the technology wasn't there yet. So I guess it's the same thing." But I could tell he wasn't happy.

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