Friday, January 2, 2009

20 week ultrasound and other craziness

On New Years Eve, we had our 20 week ultrasound. We were exactly 20 weeks on that day so it was good timing. We saw the cutest baby with the cutest nose and lips inside of me. We saw these little hands balled up in fits in front of the baby's face. We saw cute flat-footed feet, and we saw the toes move. It was awesome and beautiful.

But the experience was just weird. The power went out three times because of a windstorm outside. Every time the power went out, they had to call someone in another office to reset the passwords on the computers. We had to change rooms three times, once with goop all over my belly (I walked down the hall holding my shirt up and pants down). The tech refused to find out the sex and write it down in the secret envelope we brought because she was afraid we would see the sex be mad at her. The doctor was called away on a emergency so he didn't review our pictures. The tech said we were measuring much earlier than 20 weeks so she wasn't able to get a clear read on the heart, so we have to come back in 2 weeks. How much earlier? 19 week and 4 days - 3 days earlier! We were there for over 2 hours and we have to come back in two weeks! At least we get to see our baby again, hopefully with a new tech that would be willing to find out the sex for us.

And now for the other craziness that happened over the holiday. I threw up on New Years Eve. We were to meet friends at 5pm since we all got out of work early, so we walked our dog around 4:30. On the walk I got increasingly sicker until right before we got home I threw up. Outside, in the middle of the day, near a busy bus stop with lots of people walking by. I threw up on the ground, but it splashed all over my pants and coat. We ran home and I stripped off my clothes. I lay on the sofa in a robe for about 20 minutes, then I felt fine, took a shower, and off we went, less than an hour late to meet our friends. That night we went for a big Indian dinner at Woodlands, I ate a lot of food and felt fine. And I haven't thrown up or felt sick since. Pretty insane.

We bought a TV a few weeks ago. It got back ordered and was finally delivered on Christmas Eve, which was lucky because K was home to sign for it. Since we moved into our condo 2 years ago, we've been using the second bedroom as a TV room. We bought an entertainment center for the living room about 1.5 years ago, but it required a flat screen TV and we had a tube style. We've now finally got the flat screen TV and have set it up in the living room. This means that we have officially moved out of the second bedroom - it is no longer the 'TV room' and will soon become the 'nursery' though right now it's just a hodge podge of stuff.

We decided last night that we will visit our friends in Rochester, NY, for MLK weekend. They've been begging us to visit since they bought their house and we figured we better go before the third trimester starts. The problem is that they have 4 cats. 4 cats! We are both allergic to cats and I can't take very much medicine. Cats really make me sick, worse than any of my other allergies. I think I will just spend the entire weekend sick in bed, but at least we'll get to see them. Rochester in winter will be crazy though. We spent two years in Iowa for grad school, but it's been a long time and I think we've forgotten what it's like to be that cold. And I don't have that warm of a maternity jacket so I'm going to freeze my ass off. As long as I don't fall down in the ice and hurt myself, everything will be fine.

Today when I woke up, I stretched. In the middle of my stretch, I felt someone jab or poke me in the belly. It was a big kick! For the past couple of weeks I've been feeling lots of twitching, but it's all been very soft. This was strong. I guess Precious Poo doesn't like me stretching like that! Who knew our baby was so strong?

It's official that we will have two baby showers in FL in February - one thrown by my sister for my family, and one thrown by K's aunt for her family and our friends. Probably President's day weekend, though that hasn't been officially determined yet. It should be a fun but crazy weekend. This means that we need to get cracking on our registry, which we haven't started yet. First we need to see what our friends have promised to give us, so we will be renting a truck soon with free zip car credits and driving from house to house to pick up baby stuff to move into that nursery that we just moved our TV out of. Once we see what we've got, we will register for what's left.

We talked to our friend J about writing our second parent adoption letter and she is on board. I emailed my sister about it and she has not responded yet.

We've been putting everything off until after the holidays, and the holidays are now officially over. Time to get to work!

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j.k-c. said...

I think it's weird that the tech wouldn't write down the sex of your baby....I'd think this was pretty common.

I had to go back for a 2nd anatomy scan because our baby wouldn't role over and give the tech a good view of the heart. At lesat we got to see him again and we got some GREAT pics from that one.