Monday, January 26, 2009

Our weekend in Rochester, NY

We just got back from visiting friends in Rochester, NY. It's cold up there! 10-15 degree highs with lots of wind. I wore my warmest coat, which barely fits, especially with lots of layers underneath it. Give me a week or two more and I won't be able to wear it.

On this trip, I learned first hand how hard traveling while pregnant can be. We flew in Friday evening. I took Zofran. I usually take Dramamine while traveling because I get really motion sick. So instead I took my Zofran, which I learned is not as good as Dramamine. We were on a small plane (Rochester is a small city) and there was wind and it was a very queasy landing (but I didn't get sick). We went straight to Wegman's for dinner (Rochester finest). I chose Chinese food and I guess I ate a lot. I tend to do that these days. I felt very full and hard afterwards, but mostly okay. Then to their house for dessert, where they had a beautiful 'congrats on the baby, good luck on the delivery' cake with pink and blue footprints and paw prints all over it. It was beautiful and tasty and a very nice surprise. I ate some (probably more than I should have) and then felt even more full and hard and uncomfortable. I was exhausted (and feeling sick from the 4 cats) and went to bed. They keep their home very cold (like 60 degrees) because the energy bills are so high, so when I got undressed, I started shiver uncontrollably. This set me off, with the queasiness finally catching up to me (and the Zofran wearing off), and I threw up the cake and Chinese food, and maybe everything else I had eaten in the past few days. It was violent and massive, and luckily most of it was in the toilet. I felt much better after throwing up and taking a shower. I went to bed while K cleaned up my mess and put all of my clothes in the wash. Welcome to Rochester!

The rest of the weekend went pretty smoothly. We ate a lot - I gained 4 pounds over the weekend. There were winter things I couldn't do because I'm pregnant (ice skating kept coming up), but we had fun anyway. K fell down the stairs and bruised her ass pretty badly, but was otherwise unhurt. I cried, which was embarrassing.

We celebrated Chinese New Year (our friend is Chinese/British) at a Chinese restaurant with a full vegetarian menu - very tasty. There were drums and dancing lions. It was really loud, so I'm sure that shocked the little one. Our baby will be born in the year of the Ox - we'll have to look up what that means.

On Sunday we had lunch at an Indian restaurant with a college friend who also lives in Rochester. Her mom knitted us a sleeper in vintage 70's colors. It's really nice and very sweet. It's also very big - a two year old might be able to fit into it!

The flight back was uneventful, no getting sick this time. I'm tired, but that's typical for traveling. Next trip - flying to Orlando in a few weeks to visit family and attend baby showers. Let's hope for more uneventful flying. At least this trip will be warm!

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