Monday, June 21, 2010

Lost memories

We went to FL to visit family for our daughter's first birthday. We visited my family first and then K's family (about 2.5 hours apart). Somewhere along the way our memory card got corrupted and we lost all the pictures from K's family, but somehow retained all of the pictures from my family. This is so sad. This was D's first time to meet her grandfather, she spent time with her grandma, aunt, older cousins, went to the beach, ate birthday cake. All of it is gone. We sent the card away for recovery and they were unable to recover it. We are going to try one more company but the chances are slim given the history so far. K's aunt took some pictures so we're going to try to get copies of those, but much of it will likely be lost. Very sad.


Stephanie from Boston said...

Hello! I read your blog every day until you stopped posting, but never commented. Guess I related to your experiences for several reasons....I lived in DC for 12 years as an adult and went to high school at BCC just down the road from you. Also a lesbian in a fantastic relationship, also trying to conceive. I've had less luck that you but nonetheless enjoy your story and am glad to see you back. Something must be in the air, because I haven't checked in months and you just posted this. You have a beautiful daughter. Thanks for being here and good luck with #2.

Baby Mama said...

Thanks, Stephanie. Glad someone will be reading this. Sorry to hear things aren't going as well for you but hopefully your luck will turn around soon.

Arcade Phase said...

you have such a beautiful daughter such an inspiration for us all out there!