Monday, June 28, 2010

Exploding in skills

My baby girl is exploding in skills. It's amazing what happens at one year!

  • She's talking - each day a new word. Recently added words include all done, water, night night, up, doggie, Angel (our dog's name), apple, hi, duck, ball. By recently I mean in the last five days!
  • She's signing - in the past two weeks she's learned the signs for all done, milk, and please.
  • She's building with legos and blocks when before she just knocked things down.
  • She's mimicking everything we do.
  • She played peek-a-boo to entertain a five-month old baby!
  • She's learning to eat with a spoon and does a decent (though still quite messy) job of it.
  • She'll walk any day. Right now she just needs to hold on with one hand and she can walk for a long time.
I'm beaming with pride. Yesterday when she held up her hands and so clearly said 'Up' and I almost cried. I did cry a little when she said 'duck'. I wasn't prepared for her to learn everything in two weeks. I thought there would be more build up. It's amazing!


Anne said...

You have an amazing daughter. She is a fast learner.
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can i get pregnant said...

Witnessing your baby's skills is one of the fulfilling task. It feels so great and overwhelmed that your baby is grasping the necessary learning. It only shows that she's picking all the knowledge.