Monday, June 28, 2010

Hot date

Yesterday we had a lunch date. A friend had given us a gift card for a meal and an offering of babysitting back in March. We finally took her up on it. Yesterday we counted the number of time's D has been baby sat. 14 times in 13 months. We clearly need to work on that since some of those were "Please babysit while I work" or "Please babysit because I have the stomach flu" and not enough of them were please babysit while I enjoy a nice quiet time with my wife. It's great to share a meal without having to make sure that 1) D is happy and not screaming, 2) D is eating, 3) D is not making too big of a mess. We just relaxed and talked to each other and enjoyed our good food.

We went to Great Sage Restaurant, a vegan restaurant with an interesting brunch menu. Since we had a big gift card, we splurged on a Reuben made of tempeh, Huevos Rancheros made of tofu, and for dessert, walnut praline pancakes. Yum!

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