Monday, June 21, 2010

Closing the B&B

We have a two bedroom condo. Space is tight but we're committed to making it work because we love the location. It's been working for us okay until recently when our toddler's toys got larger and larger (table & chairs, rocking horse, piano, walker, ride on car, play table). We've become over run with toys, and our toddler is running us over with toys, and our home is feeling smaller and smaller.

We have a futon in our toddler's room. It's an old futon and it was our bed for a year early in our relationship nine years ago when we were in grad school until we saved up enough money for a real bed. We keep it for company, which we've had a ton of in the past year since D was born - K's mom (3 times), D's godmother A (2 times), my parents (2 times), K's aunt and three teenage cousins, my sister & family, our friends from NY, maybe others I'm forgetting. We've been a revolving B&B (literally - I usually make breakfast for guests), and it's been awesome seeing everyone. If you want to see your family and friends, have a baby. But that seems to be tapering off. Last week A left and we don't have any plans for anyone to visit. My sister is coming in July but she's staying in a hotel (her husband thinks our home is too crowded for their family of four and he's probably right). K's mom is coming in the fall but nothing specific.

So we're closing the B&B. We're getting rid of the futon. We're moving D's big toys into her bedroom. D's room will be used for more than just sleeping and changing. We're reclaiming our living space. We're going to be able to breathe again.

But first we have to figure out how to get rid of the futon. Not in our small Honda Fit. Freecycle, anyone?

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