Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A whirlwind weekend

I am so tired from a whirlwind weekend. I just got back from lunch with some coworkers, where I had caffeine, so I'm feeling a little better for the afternoon.

We were pretty depressed Thursday after the weird sonogram results. But our college friends were coming to town, so we put it all behind us as we looked forward to a fun weekend. A arrived on Friday night, we had a tasty meal at the Taste of Jerusalem and stayed up late into the night. Saturday I got up early to pee on a stick. If we got a positive, we needed to call the doctor by 7:30 am. Based on the sonogram, we weren't expecting a positive until Monday, but got a positive on Saturday. So we called the doctor and she said to rush in for another sonogram. The sonogram showed the same thing - no follicles were ready, I probably wasn't ovulating. But since there was a +OPK, she drew some blood to get the hormone levels. We went home and waited for the call. K was more depressed, crying while driving home. It's never going to work, we can't do anything right, why are we doing this when we could just adopt, we're going to spend all of our money and still not have a baby...

L arrived around 12:30. We were happy because we haven't seen him in a year. Emotional roller coaster. We go to Thai at Silver Spring for lunch, and while there receive a phone call from the doctor. She says the progesterone looks right, the LH is surging, and the time is now. Huh? This morning she basically told us to give up on this cycle, and now things couldn't be better? Confusion and more emotional roller coaster, but we agree to come in Sunday morning for an IUI. Spent the rest of the day relaxing with friends that we love as family - relaxing and laughing. It's good for the spirits, and good for the soul. Again we stayed up way too late. A and I each laughed until we had to pee.

Sunday we woke up early and all four of us piled into the car for a trip to the clinic. We were nervously chatting and laughing while waiting to be called. K and I went into the office and left A and L in the waiting room. A really wanted to come in, but we said no. There is some privacy left... They sat listening through the walls instead. We told doc that our college friends were visiting so we dragged them along, and she said "Oh, I was wondering who those people were..." Doc says cervix was open but on it's way closed, so this was perfect timing. I still don't understand about the sonograms and the follicles, but if the doc says it's perfect we'll go with it.

We were headed to Berkeley Springs, WV, for a day of spa treatments, soaking in the baths, and swimming and boating at the Cacapon State Park. K asked the doctor about these activities and she said they were not for me. No swimming the day of an IUI - good to know. We went anyway, and still had lots of fun. K and A took in the baths while L and I watched the kids swim in the springs. It was a wonderful day and would be a great day to conceive a baby - with our closest friends listening through the wall in the waiting room - but I still don't know if there was an egg. We are cautiously hopeful - the whole event just felt so good, but everything about it was fucked up. This two week cycle of hope and despair totally sucks and I don't want to do it again.

On Monday we went to Mickey D's for a egg mcmuffin. I read somewhere that they help the with the implantation, I told this to K and A, and said it was probably unfounded, but they both wanted to use me as an excuse to get one themselves, so off we went, arriving just in time before they shut down breakfast. It was not so tasty, but I've always love McDonald's hashbrowns.

We visited Greenbelt for the Labor Day festival. L loves sno-cones and lemonade and fair food so when we told him about it, his eyes got big and he said "you mean they will have sno-cones?" The parade was going on when we arrived. We didn't care about the parade, but had to walk past it on our way to the Greenbelt Museum. There aren't any sidewalks and there were people standing on the edge of the road, so we started marching in the parade. First we joined the dog group, then joined the Obama group. We stood with them, chanting along with "Vote Change - Obama '08". We crashed the Greenbelt parade! This is the strangest parade - even code enforcement was included. My favorite was the people pushing lawn mowers with the words 'Kick Gas'.

A left Monday afternoon. L stayed - he's moving to the area for 3-6 months (hopefully forever) and we helped show him around. We're trying to sell him on the area so that he will want to stay. If this IUI worked, he'll leave when I'm 6 months pregnant. If he stays, he'll be here for the birth.

This was our 4th annual Labor day with our college friends celebration. We look forward to it every year. If I don't get pregnant soon, I will either be big and pregnant or we will have a new born at Labor Day next year. We don't want to miss it - we want to bring our baby with us to celebrate. Another reason we hope to be pregnant this cycle.

So now we wait. I go in on the 19th for a pregnancy blood test. Cross your fingers.


nutella said...

Hey, sorry we didn't get to talk yesterday, I wasn't snubbing you. We haven't told a lot of people yet and many of the people that were there are those that don't know. By the time I got back from the award presentation, you guys were gone.

Anyway, I'm glad that some signs seemed to say good timing, but I can see how frusterating it is to get mixed signals. Here's hoping that you timed it right and that the 19th brings you good news.

Strawberry said...

Fingers are crossed. Sometimes weird timing can lead to good things. Sorry we didn't get to chat yesterday- kind of a lot going on. Anyway, best of luck to you both.

Baby Mama said...

Hey Nutella and Strawberry - don't worry about yesterday. We were in and out very quickly. A & C just wanted to show us the house which was originally the same layout as theirs but completely different. Sorry if we spilled the beans, but as soon as I saw you, I wanted to say something and it came out before I could think!

Anonymous said...

What a rollercoaster indeed! Wishing you two a successful cycle.

j.k-c. said...

Sounds like the most fabulous start to a TWW! (except the mixed signals of the sonogram, but let's be positive)
I ate an egg mcmuffin at 7dpo (right around implantation time)with the plan that I would eat one 7,8,9 and 10 dpo, but after the first one I had such a belly ache I skipped the others. But it seemed to have worked...that was my BFP cycle!

La said...

This is it!

Anonymous said...

My figures also crossed.

If you truly want something, you have to give it your best try, so someday when you look back, you won't have any regret, right?