Thursday, September 25, 2008

Big boobs

I've got them. They arrived yesterday. I've had tender breasts since Sunday, so I knew it was coming, but I thought it would be more gradual. Yesterday at 4pm I went to the bathroom and while washing my hands I noticed them poking out at me. I went home and showed them to K and she said she's positive I didn't have those when I left the house. They are huge and full. I didn't really expect them to come so early. I've got 9 months before they are necessary.

Today I'm wearing K's bra - she's one cup size bigger than me normally and I was spilling out of mine. It's a little roomy, something to grow into. This is definitely a benefit of being married to a woman...


j.k-c. said...

My boobs got so, so big in the first few weeks. Then the growth slowed, but they are still getting bigger. New bras will be in your future and also get a bra's way cheaper than buying new bras at every growth spurt.
The real fun is one boob gets bigger than the other. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm with you on the sore boobs. I just popped over and had to laugh that we blogged about the same thing today!