Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Not telling

Last night we talked to C for his birthday. We're not telling C & K because K is weird about babies and children and will probably say something weird and negative and we only want to hear positive things right now. So what do you talk about when people say "What's going on with you?" "Same old, same old" doesn't really cover it, but if we're lying about what really going on, then our lives just sound boring.


Strawberry said...

We just say "we're working on it." Regardless of where we are right now, that's still the truth.

melissa said...

making a baby is hard work me and my partner went through a series of let downs until I got pregnant in dec 2007 anyhow now we have a baby boy who is great and working on getting my partner pregnant for our next baby. I was just looking around and saw your blog so i thought i'd say hello