Sunday, September 28, 2008


I read that one pregnancy symptom is vivid dreams. I've always had some pretty vivid dreams, but since getting pregnant I've had two dreams that disturbed me, and stayed with me long after I awoke. The first I blogged about a few weeks ago and was about getting fired. The second was today. I dreamed about my grandpa (Papa) who died when I was 18. K and I and our dog were at my grandparents old house for a family reunion. We arrived late and when we got there Papa was talking to other people, so we just went to bed and planned to talk to him in the morning. When we woke in the morning he was still sleeping. I woke up from the dream before getting to talk to him. He was there, but distant. I could see him, but not reach him. As soon as I woke this morning, I started crying.
If this really is a symptom of pregnancy, I don't like it. I like happy dreams. The last time I dreamed of Papa was about a year ago. He came to work with me. I wheeled him around in his wheelchair, introduced him to people, and then left him in a conference room and email everyone to go talk to him. And everyone that talked to him came to tell me how funny he was and how much they loved him. It was such a happy dream. That's the one I'll try to remember when this other one washes over me.

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