Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I dreamed I was fired

K's been making a point of making sure I'm well-rested. On the weekends this means she gets up to walk the dog and often we take at least one nap. On Sunday I had a very stressful nap. I dreamed I was fired. They were letting me go because there wasn't any work left for me to do and they would call me back when there was more. Most of the dream consisted of me cleaning out my desk and being sad. I remember thinking, 'Well, that's okay, I guess I'll just stay home and be a mom. But I never really wanted to be a stay-at-home mom, so it could be boring. Especially now, because I don't even have any children yet.'

Now, I know I'm not going to get fired. But I came back to work this week raring to go, to show them that I shouldn't be the first to go, even though I'm sure no one else will get fired either. I'm actually going to go talk to my boss today to tell him that I have too much work, and because of that I'm getting nothing done, and doing nothing well. Now back to work!

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