Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Rough morning

Last night was a rough night. I ate cabbage for lunch yesterday and I think it made little D gassy (actually, both of us were a little gassy...). She fussed all night and we got little sleep. I was planning to go to the La Leche League meeting this morning at 10am. I woke up tired around 8:30 and had about an hour to get both of us ready to go. I breast fed, took a quick shower, breast fed some more, got dressed, got D dressed, and shoved down my breakfast. It looked like we were going to make it. But then I couldn't find my cell phone (I still haven't found it). And D wouldn't stop spitting up - all over me and her. I put her in the stroller and she spit up and then started screaming. And I groaned, "Oh no, don't scream the whole way there" and then I started crying.

But there was no time for crying and I sucked it up and got on the road. She did scream the whole way there. I got to the community center and found the room, but no one was there. I asked at the front desk and she said "Why don't you feed that baby?" Um, I will, but I need to find my meeting, please. She checks it out and says "I'm sorry but La Leche League meets on Wednesdays." Great. Then she opens the room anyway because she really wants me to feed that baby, and I start to do so, crying a little. But then this woman come for her quilters group which meets in that room.

So they opened another room just for me to feed my baby, and I sit there until she's fed and then go home. And I'll do it all again tomorrow, but hopefully it will go a little better.

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