Friday, June 12, 2009

All Alone

Today we are alone for the first time. K's mom flew into town the day our daughter was born and stayed for two weeks, leaving on Tuesday. Our best friend and the baby's godmother A arrived on Tuesday and left yesterday. We've never been alone in our home with our baby. It's actually kind of nice - just our family. Luckily for me K is working from home right now or I think this would be very hard for me, but instead it's quite enjoyable. We just stay home together - K working, me being domestic and breastfeeding. It also helps that we have a lot of food in the fridge thanks to K's mom and friends from church. Last night we had vegetable lasagna and for lunch today we had vegetable curry. Tonight we'll probably have fried rice. All in the fridge. We're doing okay. This baby is certainly hard and sometimes scary but we're doing okay. Our baby turned two weeks old yesterday.

On a completely different note, I stink. My underarms stink after just a short walk outside, and this happens daily. They've never stunk this much before in my life, even after vigorous workouts. I've been noticing it for the last week. I guess this is related to hormones. It doesn't help that I often forget to wear deodorant. I can't remember everything these days, and that seems to be the one I forget.

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