Monday, June 8, 2009


Today I feel normal. Despite a rough morning which left me and the baby covered in spit up (like soaking in it) and despite the fact that I'm typing this one-handed while my daughter nurses, I feel good today. Today, for the first time in two weeks, I took a shower, put mousse in my hair, put on a nice dress, and put on deodorant. I'm clean, I look good, and I smell good.

Many women told me I would mourn being pregnant. I don't. The last month of pregnancy kind of sucks - tired, sick, large, hot. The only thing I miss is the obviousness of it - The random smiles and congrats from strangers, people holding doors and carrying things for me. But even that gets old. And I don't miss the unwelcome comments from people about my body size.

Instead I love being a mom. This was why I was pregnant after all. I love looking at my daughter's perfectness. I love the way she smells. I don't mind the spit up and the sleeplessness.

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Ali said...

I have wondered if I will miss being pregnant. Glad you are feeling normal.

Hope you are writing your birth story soon!