Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I'm a fuck up

Here's a list of things I've fucked up recently:

1. Our first month to try to become pregnant and I use the cheap OPKs. Miss the ovulation. Miss our chance.

2. Didn't pay enough attention to detail at work. Keep making mistakes. Everyone's working harder to meet this deadline because of me.

3. Dropped Ibuprofen on the floor last night. Didn't realize it and went to bed. This morning my small little pug ate an Ibuprofen. She is at the vet getting her stomach pumped.

4. I got two of our bowls stuck together because I didn't dry our dishes before putting them away. One broke. It was a wedding present. I've done this many times with K pint glass collection as well.

So it's official. I am a complete and total fuck up in all aspects of my life. K puts up with me because she is a wonderful woman. People at work are dealing because what choice do they have. But everyone is annoyed. I can see it when they look at me. And K is very upset with me, as she should be. And I just want to go home and take care of my dog, but I am stuck at work fixing my mistakes while she is at the vet throwing up.


1invermillion said...

I'm sorry. Sometimes life just sucks. I hope your sweet pup comes thru just fine.

timaree said...

I'm so sorry that things are so hard right now. It doesn't sound to me like you're a fuck-up though. It sounds like you've made some mistakes--mistakes that we all make from time to time. Try to go easy on yourself.

Sending your dog lots of healing vibes.

Take care, okay?