Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Here we go!

Today we finally bought sperm - two vials of ICI ready sperm and 6 vials of IUI ready sperm. Enough for about 4 months of trying. We always take forever to make important decisions, pushing everything until the last minute. I remember when we had to make a decision about grad school. We couldn't decide between two schools - the one I like and the one K liked. The deadline for making decisions was April 15. On a tear-filled April 14, we made the decision and called the respective schools. This sperm thing is like that, though less tears were involved (notice I didn't say there weren't any tears...). We predicted an ovulation on Monday. The last possible day to order sperm and have it arrive in time was today, and that's when I ordered the sperm, on the last possible day. I'm not sure exactly what the hold-up was. Which sperm, how much to order, ICI or IUI, researching ICI to see if we really want to try it - for some reason all of these decisions took too long. Let's blame our trip to Australia.

But then, surprise, I got an unclear reading on my OPK this morning. Thinking I wouldn't ovulate until Monday, I waited until today to begin testing. Well, today I saw two pink lines. The test line was slightly less dark, but not by much. I would think I'm either ovulating today or tomorrow. We don't even have the sperm yet! This must be why the first try is considered practice. Next month I will definitely start testing early. And the sperm will be waiting for us whenever we need it. We won't expect much from this cycle for sure.


N said...

Never know what's going to happen!

(our first month, I O'd a full 3-5 days earlier than I normally do. I think maybe our bodies just get excited. *g*)

Good luck!

1invermillion said...

Well, congrats on your purchase. That is odd that your body is trying to throw you for a loop. Oh, and a small piece of advice (unsolicited, i know) call the RE lab when your goods get delivered and make sure they return the damn tank.

Baby Mama said...

Thanks for the comments. I think our bodies get excited too. My period was a week early the month I started tracking. And now I'm ovulating early.

j.k-c. said...

It is so are finally getting started! Yippee!
The first cycle is practice and every cycle after that can be just as unpredictable. Fingers crossed!

timaree said...

Congratulations on buying your sperm!

And more unsolicited advice/analysis: It sounds like you should have pretty good timing. If the test line is slightly less dark, you're just a little bit before your surge. Once your surge happens, you'll ovulate within the following 24 hours.