Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Happy belated 4th of July

I haven't posted in a week so here's what's been going on:

1. Second IUI was on Wed. Our doctor encourages two IUIs per cycle, and we want this to happen sooner rather than later, so we are going along with it. We figure heterosexual couples have sex multiple times during those two fertile days, we should at least give ourselves two chances. We saw a couple from our DI support group in the waiting room. Unfortunately they had an appointment with our doctor at the same time we did, so our IUI was 45 min late. This IUI only cost $350. Turns out we were overcharged for the first one, so they gave us a refund. It was wonderful customer service, the kind that is rare these days. I was impressed.

2. We visited our good friend X at his new home in CT over the long weekend. Besides a brief visit to Providence about 5 years ago, this was my first trip to New England. Basically, I've traveled a lot in the US, but not to New England. CT is very cute. X says he is good luck for people trying to have babies. A couple visited him after trying for many months, and they were pregnant right away after the visit. Let's hope that same luck happens for us. X also asked the details on how this all works, and then said half-seriously, "Wouldn't it be easier if you just had sex with a man?" X in many ways is young and naive, so I didn't take offense to that. I just said, "What would stop me from getting AIDS, since I can't use a condom?" And he said, "Oh yeah, that makes sense..."

3. We went whale watching in RI with X. It was horrible - all three of us got horribly sea sick. X says he's never been motion sick before in his life, and he was throwing up over the side. It's torture being stuck on this boat for 4.5 hours and being sick the entire time. X says he thought he was going to die, which K thinks is very funny. She kept reminding him that no one dies from sea-sickness. K was the least sick of the three of us, so she took care of us - giving X tissues after he through up, letting him borrow her jacket, buying me a sprite, feeding us crackers. Total mom mode. I'd like to blame my nausea on possibly being pregnant, but I think that would be a stretch considering how sick X was.

4. On the boat I saw a very sick woman having to care for her very sick son, and I thought, wow, I am not ready for that. When I'm motion sick (which is not a rare occasion), I can barely care for myself. Moms have to put all of their sickness aside and care for their children, and that part of parenting totally sucks. It reminded me of my childhood. My mom was always horribly motion sick, and so was I, and she took care of me regardless of how sick she was. Wow, thanks mom!

5. We only saw two whales on this horrible 4.5 hour torturous trip. We saw them right at the end, right as we were about to leave and go back. A mom and baby fin back whale, the second largest whales in the world. K thought this was a good sign. Above is a picture X took with his very nice camera.

6. As we were driving home on Sunday, C called and asked if we would like to meet them at our favorite restaurant for dinner. We sped home because after eating shit food all weekend (this is what we do on vacations) we were feeling pretty ill and could use some good healthy food from our favorite restaurant. After dinner they came back to our place. Our dog Angel was just amazed by that baby. She wanted to lick his feet, but when we told her not to do that, she just sat down and stared at the baby in amazement. It was very cute. We should have snapped a picture.

7. Today I went in for a blood test to see if my progesterone levels are right. If they aren't right, the doctor plans to put me on progesterone for my next cycle. Let's hope the levels are right - we are already paying enough for all of this.

So that's been our week. Very active - we are exhausted. We are looking forward to a nice quiet week of relaxation. I feel exactly the same - no pregnancy symptoms yet.

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j.k-c. said...

Fingers crossed for this TWW!
For me morning sickness has been very similar to motion sickness...you get really good at doing most things in this constant state of queasy, trying to keep your head still and scoping out the best place to puke. So then it is not so scary anymore and you think to yourself....if I can get through my day and take care of basic needs in this state I could probably care for a kid too...not sure how good a job I can do, but I could do it. :)