Thursday, July 31, 2008

All spermed up!

I got my positive on the OPK on Monday, meaning inseminations Tuesday and Wednesday. Karen was in NJ for work until last night. She arrived home at around 7pm. Since we are doing this together, I did not go in to the doctor for an IUI this month. We tried last night with an at home insemination. It was at the very edge of my fertile window, so it may be futile, but it's a shot. It seemed like a waste to lose the whole month.

So I woke up yesterday morning early to stop by Bethesda to buy some dry ice. Then off to work for a short day. At noon was a farewell lunch for a good friend and coworker, so I went to that and then left to go pick up the sperm. The Andrology Lab in Georgetown closes at 3pm and I was in Rockville, so I couldn't waste any time. I picked up an insemination kit from the nurse, got a little lesson in DIY inseminations, and then picked up the sperm. And I was home by 3:15. Took a little nap with my doggy, then got to work cleaning our home. A is coming to visit tonight and we had a filthy home. K came home around 7pm, we walked the dog, and then I took a shower while K finished cleaning the kitchen floor. What a way to welcome her home after a long trip away - can you please clean the kitchen floor?

The to the task at hand. I won't go into details, but I think you know that a trip to the bedroom is required. I gave K a little pep talk and she did a great job. We were both amazed at the tiny amount of sperm they give us for a large amount of money. Hmm, why don't people get pregnant? Maybe giving them more sperm would help! Afterwards we watched A Pug's Life on the laptop and enjoyed a KitKat while laying in bed. Then K took a shower and we went to bed.

We were amazed at how relaxed our dog was during the whole thing. The only place in our home she is not allowed is our bed, and she gets very upset if anyone is lying there anytime other than bed time. It's like not fair or something. So we prepared to give her a kong to distract her, but it was unnecessary. She pretty much ignored us and slept on the sofa in the living room. I don't know why, but I appreciate it.

So now we wait two weeks. I'm not getting my hopes up this time because I just don't think we had the timing right. But maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised.


N said...

I'm glad you guys didn't have to miss this month. And you never know!

nutella said...

Well, you never know. Stranger things have happened. Enjoy (haha) your wait.

Lizzie said...

Fingers crossed!