Monday, August 25, 2008

Adoptions, anniversaries, divorces, and hope

First, the adoption. On Friday I attended the second parent adoption ceromony for A and baby K. It was such a nice ceremony, A's parents came to it and were very happy, it was just beautiful. We're very happy for them.

Second, we spent the weekend camping in Harpers Ferry, WV, with another couple celebrating K's 29th birthday and our 11th anniversary of when we met. It was K's first camping trip that she enjoyed. We stayed in cabins with AC and the campground had a nice bathroom facility, and that helps a lot. We went tubing, rented bikes, made smores, and ate lots of food. It was very fun and very relaxing.

Third, the divorces. I talked to my dad yesterday for his birthday. He told me that two close family friends are getting divorces from their husbands. One is my age, my best friend growing up but we're not close now. She and her husband have been married 7 years and they have two kids. The other is her older sister, my sister's age, one of my sister's closest friends growing up. She and her husband have been married five years and they have one child. I just keep thinking about how excited my parents were about these two families. Oh, K is getting married! Oh, K is pregnant! Oh, look how adorable K's children are! So much excitement for them, but yet these relationships didn't even last. Our relationship has lasted, will last, but no celebrations will come from my family. It just sucks.

Fourth, the hope. I should be ovulating this week, and we can start again with the IUIs. We've been sad this month since we've been "trying" for three months but have only had one real "try". This feels like a fresh start, like we can leave all of that disappointment behind because we are definitely trying for real this month. K and I both said last night that this feels like the one that will work. Of course, that means that we are setting ourselves up for disappointment, but we really have hope for this cycle.

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j.k-c. said...

If we didn't have hope (that sometimes leads to disappointment) we would never, ever be able to keep trying. I hope that this is it for you two!