Wednesday, May 28, 2008

New plan

I got my period on Monday. I called the doctor yesterday and we are ready for insemination around the 9th & 10th, depending on when my pee stick turns pink. Then we checked our calendars to see what we might be doing on the 8-11. K has a conflict. Her work has their annual all-staff meeting on the 10-12. How sure am I of a pee stick with a pink line on the 8th, meaning we could inseminate on the 9th, a day before the staff meeting? Ugh, not very. This is our first time - how sure can I be of anything. So we decided to do it at home this month. And at the doctors if we can squeeze it in. Last night we picked a donor, and today I started the process of ordering 2 vials of ICI ready sperm for the at home insemination and 4 vials of the IUI ready sperm for 2 months in the doctors office. Now tonight K will begin studying how-to knock me up. And we need to get some turkey basters. Ugh, new plans after all of this planning?

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